Who Cares Is A Sparkling Pop Gem From Zoë Low

by Lucy Lerner

1st April, 2021

Who Cares is a sparkling pop gem from Zoë Low. With an infectious, spirited melody and heartfelt vocals, the song will stick in your head. The 20-year old singer-songwriter has captured a youthful vulnerability in her new single with honest lyrics.

Always indecisive,
Every choice is a crisis,
Stop my thoughts cos I just can’t keep up

Who Cares is taken from Low’s 5-track debut EP Out of My Head and is about trying to convince yourself you’re ok when you’re not. It is very relatable, especially during this difficult year we have all experienced. Zoë comments on the track, “‘Who Cares’ was the first co-write I ever did. It was at my house and I was very nervous. The song is about the way I always tell my friends that nobody cares and everything is going to be fine but in the end, I’m just as worried and anxious as they are.”

Out of My Head features other well-crafted songs that display Low’s candid storytelling and nostalgia-fulled, dreamy soundscapes.

Zoë Low’s debut EP Out of My Head is out now.

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