We Three Reveals Their Secrets In A Song For Our Times

by Lucy Lerner

2nd February, 2021

Lose yourself in the emotional thread that is Secrets by We Three. The sibling trip from the US has created a song that will be stuck in your head for days. Each listen brings renewed admiration for this song which is woven with many textures and layers from the piano backdrop to the pulsing reverb guitar, spacious soundscape, and of course the gorgeous harmonies. The song builds to an anthemic crescendo which is portrayed well in the visuals.

Cos I should be feeling pretty, but I only feel alone
Got tonnes of people with me… they’re only on my phone

Secrets resonates more than ever in the age of social media, especially during times of lockdown and insecurity. The song portrays these feelings of anxiety and loneliness so well through the delivery, lyrics and orchestral emotion. There is so much more to discover the more you listen. I’ll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours…

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