‘Waffle Wave’ Is A Tasty Treat From MYLK

by Lucy Lerner

21th September, 2018

Dig into something delicious with the new track ‘Waffle Wave’ from MYLK. The song dabbles in various genres and you can pick out something new the more you hear. UK-born DJ and songwriter MYLK is influenced by music games having composed and sound designed ‘A Pixel Story’ a video game published by Channel 4 where she produced a vocal sample pack with Splice, and released a selection of singles and remixes. MYLK has also collaborated with a variety of electronic producers – one project, in particular, was released via Monstercat on the popular video game Rocket League. You can definitely hear this video game influence in ‘Waffle Wave’ which also fuses EDM, pop and a swirling bassline which will keep you on your toes. MYLK is a unique artist making her mark with her J-pop / “Kawaii” style and sugar candy vocals and ‘Waffle Weave’ is a song you will have on repeat all summer.

Ride on the wave of the waffle and stream MYLK’s ‘Waffle Wave’ here.

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