Vox Rea Releases The Beautiful When You Go

by Lucy Lerner

10th July, 2021

Some songs hit you where it hurts. Listening to Vox Rea‘s single When You Go feels even more poignant when thinking about a loved one or one you have sadly lost. The song is raw, vulnerable and ever so beautiful. The Vancouver collective Vox Rea wrote the song in Berlin one stormy night.

If you love someone, let them go. This song explores the feeling of knowing that you have to leave someone that you love behind. The song was a much needed catharsis for us and we hope that it can be that for you.

I was listening to this song while writing a note to friends to say I was thinking of them on the anniversary of their son’s death and had tears streaming down my face. Each time you listen it takes a different meaning. When You Go is so well crafted from the gentle strings, emotive duet and intoxicating melody. As it builds to a crescendo with layered harmonies you feel your heart swell. Fall in love with Vox Rea’s new song, and even if you want to let it go, it’s bound to stay with you.

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