VISSIA Writes From The Heart In Walk Me Home

by neonmusic

18th November, 2020

From the first few moments of VISSIA’s landmark new track Walk Me Home, it’s clear that we have something special on our hands.

Gone is any semblance of pop pretence; instead, we have something resembling the authenticity of a talent such as Adele, mixed in with the haunting vocals of Sia. However, VISSIA is wholly her own artist. A unique and emboldened attitude and look have gone into making this song stand out from the rest – and what a song it is.

VISSIA turns what could be a standard ballad into a process of healing. With Walk Me Home, VISSIA proves that she can hold a tune amongst the best of them, belting her heart out over a minimalist instrumentation section which allows her vocals to shine. “There’s nothing wrong with being strong but I don’t have to carry it all,” she sings with a confidence that reveals the deeply personal nature of this song.

The effect of this song is that it feels like a journey. It’s a journey VISSIA went on to be able to write something like this from the heart, and it’s a journey we now find ourselves on with her.

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