Listen to high-concept new track ‘Exclusivity’ from Leonie Sherif, a singer-songwriter from East London who specializes in experimental Alternative RnB and Soul which is solidly rhythmic and percussive at the root. ‘Exclusivity’ definitely blurs the genres with its psychedelic electronic beats and icy synth stabs correlating with crystal sharp vocals. It is angsty, synth-heavy RnB with a feverish haze of glossy electronic rock. Leonie is a vixen in the music video, directed by Oliver Morris, dancing and writhing provocatively although she doesn’t take it seriously and looks like she’s having a lot of fun. Prowling confidently in sequins, feathers or slicked with patent leather Leonie delivers a super stylish and sexy video which compliments the sultry feel of the track.

Leonie SherifIn comparison, bonus track ‘Deny’ is more spacious and airy and although textural production is prominent, the song gives Leonie the opportunity to showcase her glacial vocals. Layers and layers of harmonies, beats, glimmering instrumental swirls and electro-percussive glitches move alongside a dreamy etherealness.

Leonie Sherif released her first EP ‘These walls’ in 2014 and she has a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Her biggest influence was Michael Jackson growing up, but she also listened to a lot of 80’s Pop/rock including Madonna, Richard Marx, Prince, Phil Collins, the Police, Sade, Motown artists & Soul Music, 90’s RnB and Hip-hop and Soul Divas as well as a lot of Island rhythms. Currently, Leonie is a fan of artists from Beyonce to James Blake, Haim, to Solange, Kwabs to Frank Ocean. Seeing as we’re dropping names, Leonie Sherif reminds me of a modern day Janet or Aaliyah with a style and sound that is just magnetic.

Leonie Sherif’s EP ‘Nocturnal Wave’ will be released later this year.

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