The lessons of Momma Said by M3L ft. 3409 is for everyone willing to listen. With an eerie beat to set the tone, the Toronto based recording artist shares tenets based on the laws of karma. 3409 joins M3L on the track, with both artists weaving lyrics that flow seamlessly and passionately over the ominous beat.

It’s a reflective tale of M3L’sjourney through life and relationships. He doesn’t go into specific experiences but it is left to the listener to make their own conclusion. Each brings a uniqueness to the forefront making the song memorable and catchy.

Momma Said will undoubtedly resonate with lots of people regardless of where they come from, as we all have a lesson taught by a parent we hold dearly. It is a poignant and contemplative song which is brought to life by peaceful visuals with snapshots of beautiful scenery and everyday life.

The video is out on the 23rd of July.

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