Video Premiere: Join Cameron Ford On His Tour With Why So Personal

by Lucy Lerner

30th June, 2020

See the life of a music artist on tour as you accompany Cameron Ford from California to Chicago in his new music video for Why So Personal. The dreamy soundscape perfectly matches the views from the window so you feel as if you are on the journey with the songwriter and engineer.

“The footage from the video is from an 8 city tour I did by myself on the Amtrak train from California to Chicago and back. I don’t like to fly and a friend was getting married out there so I booked a tour instead.” – Cameron Ford

Why So Personal is Cameron Ford’s first single of the summer and it’s about “fighting with someone or something you love and wanting it/them to love you back.” The track creates a chilled vibe with fluid licks of guitar acoustics and mellow autotuned vocals. The song is spacious and filled with warmth and colour. We hope the journey was as smooth as the song.

Cameron Ford plans to release his new single with an acoustic version of dragula by Rob Zombie.

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