Video Premiere: Chaem Embraces The Dark Side In Dear Mr. Dark

by Lucy Lerner

25th June, 2020

Video Premiere: Chaem Embraces The Dark Side In Dear Mr. Dark

Dear Mr. Dark by Chaem is like a dark fairytale with its intricate, lullaby-like keys and ethereal quality as well as Chaem’s haunting vocals. It’s about everyone having a dark side which initially you want to banish but finally end up embracing, “all your life been living here. It is time to leave your cave and leave your fears.

We are delighted to premiere Chaem’s new music video which really captures this feeling with a smokey atmosphere and muted colours. Chaem enters a little hut and is thrust into a dark wood where she follows a trail of neon gems that have been left by a young girl. They lead to a man in a top hat who is hiding in the shadows and has also been led out by the girl. Eventually, the two are brought together and Chaem leaves the hut with the man’s top hat and puts it on. She has finally found what she has been looking for.

Dear Mr. Dark, there is a spark,
But will we ever, never, ever feel the light,
Dear Mr. Dark, follow the sun,
It shows you what you were and what you will become.
Don’t follow your excuses,
We’ll surely find a way,
If we don’t feed the wolves tonight,
We’ll finally reach the light.

Dear Mr. Dark is Chaem’s fourth single to date. Her sound flickers between electronic and experimental with blissful instrumentals and airy vocals. Her music makes you feel as if you are in a dream. When Chaem is not writing her own songs, she is collaborating with other artists. In 2017 Chaem was nominated for the prestigious German Film Music Award, Deutscher Filmmusikpreis for Best Film Song, a collaboration with film composer Karsten Laser. Chaem was also nominated for band of the year 2017 by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Chaem’s new music video for Dear Mr. Dark is another theatrical project to add to her repertoire. The beautiful song is elevated by the intriguing, cinematic visuals which make you think about overcoming loneliness and might help you to embrace your own Mr. Dark.

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