Video Premiere: An Awe-Inspiring Performance From Cherry Dragon With Altar (Acoustic)

by Lucy Lerner

5th February, 2021

There is nothing like live music. That blood-pumping anticipation, the rawness of instruments and vocals. The intimacy and the mood, the intoxicating energy and feeling of unison with the performer and audience. Oh, the memories. Well, here is the next best thing. Cherry Dragon unveils the acoustic music video of her single Altar. With just her vocals and the piano, she creates a goosebump-inducing performance.

Cherry Dragon is a London based singer-songwriter of Nigerian-Irish heritage. It’s surprising the beautifully crafted Altar is her debut single as she sounds so effortless. However, not surprising is that Altar has just aired on Seaons 2 of the hit show Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld on Apple TV+ as it has such cinematic qualities.

“Altar is a song about facing oneself. The inner demons we run from. We try to distract ourselves with so much…tv, food, relationships, Instagram, anything but to sit with that unsettled side of ourselves. It’s about that moment when you own all of who you are, who you have been and make a choice… do I keep carrying this load or do I let go now? Ultimately it’s about finding freedom from the prison we create within. When you know you can’t keep walking the path you’re on, you know it’s time to choose a new one”

The acoustic video for Altar directed by Cottia Thorowgood is necessarily simple to portray Cherry’s awe-inspiring vocals and delivery. We can’t wait to hear what Cherry Dragon concocts next.

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