Vibe To The Lush Sounds Of Y.K.T.F.V By Kayla Rae

by Marcus Adetola

24th December, 2020

Vibe to the lush sounds of Y.K.T.F.V by Kayla Rae. She sets the mood right with her new single.

Some days work out perfectly regardless of planning. Those days rarely come, considering the present situation. However, Kayla Rae delivers those sumptuous emotions on Y.K.T.F.V, an acronym for You Know The F* Vibes.

Kayla’s sensual vocals flow seductively on a bed of atmospheric instrumentals, with visuals that send pulses racing. The mood is intense, permeating with lust. Kayla Rae plays the part of temptress, skillfully dancing and singing to the rhythm, satisfying a yearning for fond memories.

YKTFV is about those random nights where nothing is planned but everything goes perfect. It’s about having the right people around you, the right music playing, good energy and good vibes.” – Kayla Rae

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