Vian Izak Weaves A Tapestry Of Sound And Nostalgia On Sangre de CristoVian Izak weaves a tapestry of sound and nostalgia on Sangre de Cristo featuring Davide Rossi. The soft piano invites you into a world of reflection, coupled with the violin creating an atmospheric warmth. Vian Izak’s vocals wrap gently meandering between every note on Sangre de Cristo with harmonies that succinctly shine qualities of hope in uncertain times. Izak drew inspiration for the heartfelt lyrics from time spent in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range.

It is a dreamy affair with the beautiful arrangement by the talented Davide Rossi, who has worked with the likes of Coldplay. Sangre de Cristo is undoubtedly a song with emotional propensities that pulls you into reflective bliss.

Vian Izak is releasing a new single every month leading up to the full album release of Flight of the Aeronaut in March 2021.