Unveiling The Mystical Connection: Exploring The Moon Phase Soulmate Trend

by Tara Price

21st June, 2023

Unveiling the Mystical Connection: Exploring the Moon Phase Soulmate Trend


In the vast realm of social media trends, one captivating phenomenon has taken TikTok by storm: the Moon Phase Soulmate trend. This enchanting trend has captured the imagination of users worldwide, promising to reveal the extent of celestial compatibility between individuals. By aligning the moon phase on the day of their birth with that of their partner’s, users are eager to uncover whether they are destined soulmates.

In this article, we delve into the captivating world of moon phases, TikTok’s influence, and the intriguing concept of soulmate compatibility. Join us as we explore the mystical connection between love and the moon.

Understanding the Moon Phase Soulmate Trend

The Moon Phase Soulmate trend has gained significant popularity on TikTok, captivating users with its tantalising promise of uncovering soulmate connections. This trend involves juxtaposing the moon phase of one’s own birth with that of their partner’s birth. If the moon phases align harmoniously to form a complete full moon, TikTok enthusiasts believe they have discovered their soulmate. With over 147 million views, this trend has transcended romantic relationships, extending to friendships and even pet companionship. After all, soulmates can manifest in various forms, not strictly limited to romantic entanglements.

To partake in the Moon Phase Soulmate trend, users must download the CapCut editing app, as this trend requires external software. By searching the hashtag #moonphase, users can access the necessary moon phase images from the moonphases.co.uk website. These images are then imported into CapCut, where they seamlessly intertwine, creating a visual representation of the moon phase compatibility between individuals.

Decoding the Moon Phases

Before delving further into the trend, it’s essential to understand the significance of the moon phases and their purported influence on our lives. According to NASA, there are eight distinct moon phases that occur throughout each lunar month: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. Astrologers assert that each moon phase imparts unique characteristics and tendencies to individuals based on their birth moon phase.

Notably, those born under the new moon are believed to embrace new beginnings and thrive on fresh challenges. Conversely, those born under the full moon are said to possess leadership qualities, excelling when responsible for others. Extroversion and generosity are associated with individuals born during the waxing moon, while those born under the waning moon tend to exhibit subtler tendencies, preferring solitude and humility.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman acknowledges the small yet credible role moon phases play within an individual’s astrological makeup. She highlights that while the TikTok trend of lunar compatibility is adorable and aligns with the concept of “opposites attract,” it is crucial to consider other pertinent astrological factors, such as sun sign, ascendant, moon sign, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, when assessing romantic compatibility.

The Moon Phases and Wedding Planning

Beyond TikTok trends, moon phases hold significance for individuals who seek a deeper connection with the celestial realm. Real-life witch AJ, an avid practitioner of moon phase integration, incorporates moon phases into her daily life. AJ has harnessed the moon’s energy to guide various aspects of her existence, including quitting smoking when other methods failed.

For AJ, incorporating moon phases into wedding planning is simply second nature. She recognises that different moon phases can infuse weddings with unique energies and symbolic meanings. The new moon symbolises new chapters and rebirth, offering couples an opportunity to embark on their marital journey with renewed passion. Conversely, the full moon represents celebration and release, allowing couples to let go of negativity while embracing love and balance.

While the waxing and waning moons may be less popular choices for wedding dates, they possess their own powerful energies. The first quarter moon signifies taking decisive and affirming action, while the last quarter moon represents transformation and change. AJ encourages couples to consider these moon phases and their corresponding energies when planning their special day, as they can infuse weddings with profound meaning and intention.

Unveiling the Moon Phase Soulmates: Fact or Fiction?

As TikTok users eagerly participate in the Moon Phase Soulmate trend, a burning question arises: What happens if the moon phases don’t align? Does this signify an absence of soulmate connection? Inbaal Honigman reassures individuals that while the trend carries some validity, it represents only a small aspect of astrological compatibility. Numerous other factors, such as sun signs, ascendants, and planetary alignments, contribute to the intricate tapestry of romantic compatibility. Thus, the moon phase soulmate trend offers a playful exploration of connections but should not be regarded as the sole determinant of soulmate status.

The Influence of Moon Phases on Daily Life

Beyond the realm of romantic compatibility, moon phases hold sway over various aspects of our lives. AJ, the practising witch, attests to the transformative power of moon phases and their impact on day-to-day living. By aligning her actions, projects, and periods of rest with specific moon phases, AJ experiences a heightened sense of calm and balance.

While AJ’s partner may not actively engage with moon phases and astrology, their relationship exemplifies the harmony that can emerge from seemingly opposing personalities. The corresponding Venus placements between AJ and her partner foster a sense of equilibrium, highlighting that compatibility encompasses a multitude of factors beyond moon phase alignment.

Planning Your Wedding with Celestial Guidance

For couples seeking to infuse their wedding day with celestial energy, moon phases offer a unique avenue for guidance and intention. AJ’s personal experience demonstrates the efficacy of aligning wedding planning decisions with specific moon phases. By leveraging the energies associated with each phase, couples can make informed choices, celebrate milestones, and embrace the transformative power of love.

While AJ emphasises that there is no particular moon phase to avoid, she cautions couples to be mindful of eclipses, both lunar and solar. Eclipses can exert varying influences on individuals, depending on their astrological charts and how the eclipse aligns with specific areas of their lives, such as love and relationships. Understanding one’s chart and seeking astrological guidance can help couples navigate potential challenges or enhance the positive energies surrounding their union.

Incorporating the Moon Phase Soulmate Trend into Wedding Planning

As the Moon Phase Soulmate trend continues to captivate TikTok users, its influence extends to the realm of wedding planning. Couples who resonate with the mystical allure of moon phases may consider incorporating this trend into their wedding preparations. By intertwining moon phase visuals and personalised text, couples can create unique TikTok videos that celebrate their connection and invite others to explore this ethereal realm.

To participate in the trend, couples can follow the step-by-step instructions provided earlier, ensuring they have the CapCut editing app and access to moon phase images from the moonphases.co.uk website. By customising the video template to reflect their birthdays and moon phases, couples can share their celestial connection with the world.


The Moon Phase Soulmate trend on TikTok has awakened a fascination with the celestial realm and its potential influence on our lives. From romantic relationships to friendships and even pet companionship, this trend has expanded the notion of soulmates beyond traditional boundaries. While moon phase alignment offers a glimpse into potential compatibility, it is crucial to remember that true soulmate connections encompass a myriad of factors beyond this singular aspect. Whether you choose to embrace the trend’s enchanting allure or explore the moon’s influence in your daily life, the moon phase soulmate trend serves as a reminder of the mystical connections we seek in our quest for love and understanding.

So, let the moon guide you on your journey, whether you find your soulmate under the full moon or discover the magic of self-discovery under the gentle glow of a waning crescent. Embrace the bewitching charm of the moon phase soulmate trend, and may your celestial path be illuminated with love and harmony.

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