Unheard Marvin Gaye Tracks Discovered in Belgium, Sparking Legal and Musical Interest

by Tara Price

31st March, 2024

Unheard Marvin Gaye Tracks Discovered in Belgium, Sparking Legal and Musical Interest

In an astonishing find, a collection of previously unheard music by the legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye has been unearthed in Belgium. The discovery, made by the family of Belgian musician Charles Dumolin, includes a vast array of memorabilia, letters, and over 30 cassette tapes containing around 66 demos of new songs.

The revelation came to light when Alex Trappeniers, a lawyer and business partner of the Dumolin family, shared details of the find with the media. According to Trappeniers, this collection could serve as a “time capsule,” offering fans and historians alike a unique glimpse into Gaye’s creative process during his time in Ostend, Belgium.

Marvin Gaye, known for his profound impact on the soul and R&B genres with hits like What’s Going On and Let’s Get It On, spent a significant period in Ostend in the early 1980s. This was a transformative time for Gaye, who was battling personal demons and seeking refuge from the pressures of his career. It was during this period that he penned the iconic “Sexual Healing,” marking a resurgence in his musical journey.

The Dumolin family’s claim to the collection is backed by Belgian law, which allows for the ownership of items left behind for over 30 years. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that while the family may own the physical tapes, the intellectual property rights to the music itself likely belong to Gaye’s heirs in the United States.

Negotiations between the Dumolin family and Gaye’s heirs are anticipated, as both parties stand to benefit from a potential release of the music. Such a release could not only expand Gaye’s already impressive legacy but also introduce his genius to a new generation of listeners.

The music industry and Gaye’s fans worldwide are eagerly watching as discussions unfold, hopeful that this unexpected discovery will lead to the release of new works by one of music’s most cherished voices. As Trappeniers aptly put it, this is an opportunity to “share the music of Marvin with the world,” ensuring that Gaye’s influence continues to resonate in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

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