Twist And Turn To Shilpa’s Rollercoaster

by Terry Guy

24th July, 2020

Twist And Turn To Shilpa's Rollercoaster

Twist And Turn To Shilpa's RollercoasterShilpa has dropped her banger Rollercoaster at just the right time, what with Lady Gaga releasing a 90’s Eurodance-inspired record and Dua Lipa dropping a Disco-driven, second album. And despite the lyrical narrative, which involves the highs and lows of a passionate relationship, Shilpa’s new single Rollercoaster cleverly chooses to delve into an Ibiza-style production and allows you to positively dance to a bittersweet story.

Rollercoaster is a Summer-ready Pop track with an edge. And that edge comes into the overall experimental picture, via the fusion of a 4 by 4 dance beat performed in the verses and trap-influenced drum programming which drops in the main hook. However, it is the changes in rhythm, as well as the major to minor chord structure which plays the biggest part in delivering the story of a “rocky” love story.

Let’s not forget the bright and shimmery Louis La Roche-sounding Synth production, which is perfectly captured alongside Shilpa’s unique vocals.

Shilpa is an artist to look out for and don’t forget to check out the talented singer and songwriter’s new single Rollercoaster out now.

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