‘Turn Back Now’ From Neon Dreams Is The Dose Of Sunshine We’ve Been Waiting For

by Grace Lovejoy

21th January, 2020

Neon Dreams’ latest track ‘Turn Back Now’ is the sweet dose of sunshine you’ve been waiting for, if like me, have been struck by the January Blues. Combining bright vocals and an upbeat tempo throughout, ‘Turn Back Now’ is a song that is bound to be a hit with many listeners, due to the diversity of its sound. Not to mention it’s a highly addictive track that will instantly lift your mood.

The Canadian alt-pop duo writes and produces all of their work and are not afraid to allow personal experiences to guide the direction of a song, or to be part of the overall message the song conveys.

‘Turn Back Now’ is a feel-good song that is simply full of life and optimism, which is exactly the feeling Neon Dreams wants to ignite in its listeners.

This song truly rings home for frontman Frank Kadillac, who drew inspiration for the theme of this track from a very personal experience of witnessing his mother go through medical treatment. He speaks on the track “Her experience made me realise the power of positive thinking and inspired us to create a song that would help inspire others facing a struggle. I used to think that making music was just a cool thing to do and a way to make myself feel better, but then I realized just how much it affects people’s everyday lives.

Neon Dreams is that band that is going to let you know things are going to be alright, simply through a song and I can’t wait to hear what they have next in store.

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