Tropic Reveals The Infectious Secret

by Marcus Adetola

22th July, 2020

Tropic reveals the infectious Secret tinged with R&B consistencies that hits you with harmonious electronic sound waves. It is truly a match made in heaven for the New York-based duo electronic producer & DJ, Phuse, and R&B singer/songwriter Jo-B Sebastian.

Secret has the intricacies of old school jams you hardly hear today. Both the beat and vocals shimmer, raising the mood on the track. The velvety delivery from Jo-B intertwines intimately with the electronic instrumentals, reflecting the narrative of the song. It burrows into you seductively with an infectious bop.

“Our latest single Secret delves into the duality of embracing your queerness and the intoxicating ups and downs that come with trying to find love in the closet. With an infectious hook and a vibrant music video on the way, Secret is our heartfelt send off to Pride month and an eager welcome to summer.” – Tropic

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