Trey Rose Hits The Spot With Damn

by Marcus Adetola

4th August, 2020

Trey Rose hits the spot with Damn. A modern-day pickup song that works nicely for Trey, as he creatively combines catchy lyrics and an infectious melody that will ravish senses. You are thrust into the song with guitar acoustics laden with the power of Trey’s vocals from the onset. He creates a wild escapade with gritty sentiments that comes across as captivating. His vocals winds and coils on the instrumentals connecting with precision. It makes it pulsate with an energy that brings Damn to live vividly.

“We didn’t write ‘Damn’ with the intent to be deep or artsy; we wanted to write a song that wasn’t necessarily thought-provoking, but more straight to the point,” says Trey Rose.  “The track has a cool vibe that translates the chemistry and the sentiment; it’s just a fun, blunt ‘I wanna take you home and lay you down’ song. Just think…Conway Twitty!”

Check out the sexy, catchy Damn which is out now.

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