Top Four Alan Walker Songs You Can Listen To On A Loop

by neonmusic

12th November, 2019

Alan Walker

Alan Walker has become the heartthrob of millions. He is one of the most popular producers/musicians of the contemporary era. The tunes he creates portray a wide range of emotions. He is the guy who took the world of music by storm with his hit single, ‘Faded’. The song captured the imagination of the urban youth and turned into a chartbuster overnight. 

‘Faded’ ended up topping music charts across the globe and broke several records upon release. Alan Walker became a household after the song got released. Many of the budding artistes have created cover versions of the song. Youngsters still hum the song while making their way to schools and colleges. If you wish to catch some adrenaline-pumping music, then get your music hospitality packages booked. Visit here to book your tickets

Here are some Alan Walker songs that can be played over and over again:

This song just has to be there on everybody’s playlist. The song created ripples in the world of music. It is one of Alan Walker’s Platinum-certified songs. This song can be played again and again. The sharp and catchy lyrics made it an instant hit. Also, the music was just as impressive. Those suffering from heartbreaks must have played the song on the loop. If you wish to such melodious songs live, then book your hospitality packages right away. Hurry up, tickets are selling out fast.  

Sing Me To Sleep
Another one of Alan Walker’s melancholic melodies. The Norwegian lad created headlines after the song got released. The audiences loved the free-flowing lyrics and the stark techno tunes. In case you aren’t aware, ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ was the sequel to ‘Faded’. Many of the singer/songwriter’s fans believed that he won’t be able to handle the expectations, but he mesmerised them with “Sing Me To Sleep”. The dream-like sequence that plays out in the music video is what made the fans go wow. 

On My Way
Sabrina Carpenter is the star of this song. ‘On My Way’, reinstated Alan Walker as one of the greatest musicians of all time. Spanish lyrics lend the song a soulful touch and feel. One can listen to this song over and over again. The lines, “So, take aim and fire away, I’ve never been so wide awake” throw light on the vulnerability engulfing an average teenager’s mind. A lot of people can be seen enjoying this song while making their way to their workplace. This song is nothing short of a contemporary youth anthem.

This one is for all those who love listening to songs having a sense of pessimism. ‘Alone’ captures the vulnerabilities that, at times, begin overpowering a youngster’s mind. If you consider yourself a die-hard fan of Alan Walker, then this song just has to be there on your playlist. You can listen to it 10 times in a row without getting tired. Such is the beauty of the song. As stated earlier, this one is tailor-made for all those suffering from heartbreaks…If you wish to catch more such songs, then look for tickets to concerts and live performances. 

So, it’s time to bring out the music lover in you and enjoy some splendid hits. If you consider yourself a true music lover, then you cannot afford to miss out on all the action. Get your tickets booked and let the party begin. 

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