Too Hot To Touch By Crash Adams Is A Summer Anthem

by Grace Lovejoy

22th May, 2020

Throughout all the uncertainty we have been experiencing as of late, music will always be an art that we can rely on to bring us into a better and more positive place, even if it’s just for a moment. Too Hot to Touch is for sure one of those tracks! It’s the ultimate feel-good song from Crash Adams that will instantly put you into the Summer groove.

Having already surpassed 300k streams from previously released singles, it’s clear to see Crash Adams is gaining strong interest from the music world already. The talented duo has been making music together from an early age and has always been a part of the whole creation process of their tracks. From producing, mixing, to writing and singing all of their music, passion is at the forefront of all of their releases.

Too Hot to Touch contains an array of hypnotic synths and an incredibly catchy melody that is layered with epic vocals. This upbeat pop tune will be sure to throw you back into the best of your holiday memories.

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