Tonight By ADENIKÈ Is An Infectious Love Vibe

by Marcus Adetola

17th April, 2020

Tonight by ADENIKÈ is an infectious love vibe. This song by theBritish Nigerian Afropop artist is infectious. It bathes you with lush vocals from ADENIKÈ, and before you know it, you are gyrating to every beat of the drum. On the vocals, ADENIKÈ flips between English and her native pidgin English. It adds a textured layer to the song making it more robust. And, as you well know, nothing screams dance as much as Afrobeats music. When combined with the melodic tones of an artist like ADENIKÈ, you know you’re in for a treat.

“my producer SHØLA put this instrumentation on, during one of our many frequent studio sessions, and I just went with the flow, and she was feeling the vibe as much as I was. I instantly got a love vibe from the track, and started writing the beginnings of what is now ‘Tonight’. We recorded the foundations of the track that same day, and built the record out from there. What I love about working with SHØLA is that she understands my sound”. – ADENIKÈ

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