TikTok Slang 101: What Do Opps and Opp Mean and How to Use Them

by Tara Price

21st May, 2023

TikTok Slang 101: What Do Opps and Opp Mean and How to Use Them

If you’re a regular user of TikTok, you’ve probably come across the terms opps and opp in some videos or comments.

But what do they mean, and how do you use them correctly?

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these popular TikTok slang words.

What do Opps and Opp mean on TikTok?

Opps and Opp are both abbreviations of the word opponent or opposition.

They are used to refer to someone who is in competition with or in conflict with you, either online or offline. They can also mean haters or enemies.

For example, if you’re playing a video game and you see someone on the other team, you can call them an opp or one of the opps.

Or if you’re making a diss track or a roast video about someone, you can call them an opp or one of the opps.

Opps and Opp are examples of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) slang terms that have been popularised by hip-hop and rap culture.

They are often used in lyrics, captions, hashtags, or audio clips to express hostility, defiance, or confidence.

On Rich Flex, Drake raps, “Can you talk to the opps next for me”

What do Opps and Opp mean in rap?

Opps and Opp have another meaning in rap that is different from their general usage on TikTok.

In rap, opps and opp are used to describe someone who cheats on their partner or someone who is involved with someone else’s partner.

Naughty by Nature – O.P.P. (Official Music Video)

This meaning comes from the song O.P.P. by hip-hop band Naughty by Nature as a part of their 1991 studio album of the same name.

The song uses the acronym O.P.P. to stand for Other People’s Py (for men) or Other People’s Ps (for women). The song is about being unfaithful or being attracted to someone who is already taken.

According to Treach, the term took inspiration from the neighbourhood they grew up in, where they frequently used the abbreviation ‘OPM’ to refer to Other People’s Money.

Police Officers Arresting a man
Police Officers Arresting a man

“Opps” can also stand for either “opposition” or “cops.” Certain gangs, particularly those affiliated with the Bloods, avoid words containing “c” as a mark of rivalry with the Crips.

Thus, “Compton” transforms into “Bompton,” and “cops” become “ops.” This slang originates from old-school gang culture

How to use Opps and Opp on TikTok

Now that you know what opps and opp mean on TikTok, here are some tips on how to use them correctly:

  • Use them as nouns, not adjectives. For example, say “He’s an opp” or “They’re the opps”, not “He’s opp” or “They’re opp”.
  • Use them with caution and respect. Don’t use them to insult or offend anyone who is not your actual opponent or enemy. Don’t use them to mock or bully anyone who is different from you. Don’t use them to start unnecessary drama or violence.
  • Use them with creativity and humour. You can use them to make jokes, tease your friends, join challenges, or create trends. You can also use them to show your confidence, personality, or style.

Here are some examples of how to use Opps and Opp on TikTok:

  • @user1: I just beat all the opps in this game #gamer #opps
  • @user2: My ex is an opp for breaking my heart #breakup #opp
  • @user3: Can you talk to the opps next for me? #prank #opps
  • @user4: I’m down with O.P.P., yeah you know me #song #opp
  • @user5: No cap, I’m the CEO of slaying all the opps #slay #opps

We hope this article helped you understand what Opps and Opp mean on TikTok and how to use them properly.

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