Thuy Drops The Sweet and Sassy In My Bag

by Lucy Lerner

30th June, 2021

Thuy Drops The Sweet and Sassy In My Bag

Thuy garners attention with her sweet and sassy new offering In My Bag. A taste of what’s to come in her debut EP landing later this year, her new single is a catchy R&B song with 90s R&B style sugary vocals and a hell of a beat. Lyrics are fun and memorable:

left my ego at the door i’m seeing better days 
i dot my “I”s, I put the work in check my resume 
they ain’t checked on me before but now they asking where u at 
no i can’t hear u i’m too deep inside this bag 

The rising Bay Area artist has released an empowering anthem about accepting you will face struggles on your journey to follow your dreams, but not to give up.

“As an independent artist, I felt like an underdog when no one saw that I had it in me.I had to face a lot of rejection and instead of giving in to the no’s, criticism, and judgment from others, I saw it as motivation because I knew I had it in me to be great and to do great things. I had faith that if I just kept working and focusing on what I want to achieve, I would eventually get to where I am today.

It wasn’t easy and that second verse is me giving myself encouragement about the growth I had to go through. I’m telling myself you don’t need validation from others because you have the strength within you. You always had it in you and you just had to go through some hurdles to get there.” – Thuy

Look out for more from Thuy later this year.

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