The Unique Sound Of RINNGS In Their Debut EP ‘GLORIOUS’

by Annalisa Galbiati

27th July, 2018

Last week London based alt-pop duo RINNGS, released their debut EP ‘Glorious’ by using their unique formula of music purely created by manipulated vocals and percussion, no other instruments are used.

RINNGS is an intriguing independent duo composed by Karl Zine and Nai Jannson. Their debut EP released through independent record label Wow & Flutter features four tracks which they produced and recorded in their London studio.

‘Glorious’ is also the lead single’s name from the EP, which includes previous releases ‘Times Like These’ and ‘Confession’ as well as the additional new track ‘I Didn’t Do What You Say’.

Speaking about ‘Glorious’ Karl said, “Nai has a soft spot for a decent house tune and “Glorious” looks to encapsulate that moment of euphoria which can surge through you when everything aligns. We used the sounds of an incredible gospel choir for a chorus that builds and builds and loved the idea of adding some big drops in there to give everyone a nice moment of release for those long summer evenings. The song is really about chasing those highs, where you forget about the real world for a minute and are living in the moment…sometimes maybe doing things you know you shouldn’t. It was partly inspired by German art-house movie “Victoria”, which captures that perfectly and makes you want to go sit on the roof of an apartment block with a group of strangers, to watch the sun come up”.

RINNGS’s new songs are hypnotizing and rousing. I like their own particular brand of electronic music and I’m sure this talented duo will reach their ‘Glorious’ moment with their debut EP.

Stream ‘Glorious’ here.

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