The Top 5 New Artists to Watch in 2018

by Marcus Adetola

15th November, 2017

Each year, there are countless new musicians who try their hand at a career in the music industry, but few find the following they’re looking for. While only a select few have the talent it takes to thrive in this competitive business, a group of breakout stars is sure to change the music industry for good this coming year. Before you press play on that tired playlist again, check out these five artists who will be everywhere in 2018.

Fémina: This all-girl trio is revolutionizing the way we think about Latin music. Combining influences from their native Argentina, notes of hip-hop, and a folksy sound that feels like it’s straight out of the ’70s, Fémina brings a seductive, yet powerful sound to an industry intent on producing pop star after pop star.

Xavier Omär:  With contemporary beats backing his soulful voice, Xavier Omär is introducing a fresh new style into an industry that spits out sound-alikes by the dozen. Just as refreshing as his velvety voice are the San Antonio-born star’s lyrics, which eschew derogatory talk about women, opting instead to revere and praise the female influences in his life through song. “I’m just trying to make music that I wholeheartedly believe in and something that I know people can play for anyone,” Omär tells Vibe. “You could play for your kid, you could play for yourself, and everybody just be lifted.”

Yxng Bane: British rapper Yxng Bane is just 21 years old, but is already blowing up the music game. His rapid-fire lyrics that touch on themes of social injustice, clever samples and thumping beats make his music perfect for blasting at a party or just a contemplative drive with the windows down.

6Lack: Pronounced like “black,” this Atlanta native is changing the hip-hop game for good. While he may be soon be travelling the world by private jet and bouncing from luxury home to luxury home, this 25-year-old rapper got his first taste of the music business at a young age, practising his craft in his father’s home studio. Since then, he’s collaborated with Jnené Aiko and his low-key track “Prblms” is reminiscent of Drake’s early work.

THEY.: This Los Angeles-based pair brings a fresh perspective to hip-hop with their pop-infused style. Raspy vocals and tight electronica-influenced beats make THEY. a perfect listen for anyone who enjoys The Weeknd, Miguel, or Timbaland-produced tracks from the ‘90s. However, the band takes hip-hop into a distinctly fresh direction while imbuing it with a vintage feel, thanks to admitted influences like Nirvana and New Edition.

Give those tired songs a rest and enjoy some fresh new voices in 2018. From southern rap to Latin hip-hop, these must-listen artists are changing the music game, one track at a time.

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