The New EP From The Greys Is An Anthem To Independent Artists

by Montana Tallentire

25th September, 2019

We can be everything, but we’re always The Greys

The Greys ‘Unfortunately The Response Has Been Less Than Enthusiastic’ is an anthem to all the independent artists trailblazing the path for the next generation. The EP is well-thought-out with each element of production considered to the fullest, in addition to the stand out vocals from Sydney Grey in particular at the start of ‘Special’.

The EP arrives after a hiatus following issues with the band’s manager/ label rep in which he prevented the band from creative control. Each time they provided new material the response would be ‘Unfortunately the response has been less than enthusiastic’ thus influencing the title for their upcoming body of work since their break-out hit ‘Family Band’ last year.

‘Unfortunately The Response Has Been Less Than Enthusiastic’ begins with a car engine on the track ‘Season of the lonely’ preparing the listener for the journey they are about to embark on with the trio from Texas. The drums exerted by Jayden are the driving force that connects each track taking the listener through the EP with excitement and anticipation with there being a track for everyone on this dynamic body of work. With the next song ‘Drama’ showing us a more upbeat side of the band, with hidden elements of a Lily Allen type production that counteracts the darker side of ‘Make you Famous’. That provides the audience with the feeling of hunger and anguish in which the Los Angeles-based siblings must have been feeling through their complicated hiatus.

We then get introduced to the euphoric track ‘Good Love’, which I must admit is my favourite. The song provides the perfect backing track for those moments of driving past city lights wondering where you will end up. The beautiful, warm vocals complement the effortless piano that elevates the song to the next level. The harmonies, in particular, the soprano parts creates an interesting balance between the hook and the verse. We conclude the journey with ‘T.D. Tangent’, full of hope and optimism as if we were drawing a movie to a close.

Listening to the EP is as if you are taking a journey through colour from black to white and the different production methods within each track make you intrigued to find out what the band will do next. With Jayden describing the sensation of the EP perfectly: “The sound is like the colour grey, it’s not a dark or light colour. It’s in between, but it could be used for either one. We make darker music. We make lighter music. It’s a mashup of who we are. We can be everything, but we’re always The Greys.

‘Unfortunately The Response Has Been Less Than Enthusiastic’ is released on September 26th. Pre-save the EP now.

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