The Haunting Melodies Of Promises By Melissa Ramsay

The haunting melodies of Promises by Melissa Ramsay evokes a strong sense of vulnerability in triumph. Even as it unwinds the puppet strings, there is a sense of sadness evident in the vocals. The instrumentals follow suit, steeped in melancholy of sorts. However, the electronic sounds with the soaring chorus offer a high depicting the joy of emancipation. The lyrics are very creative and empowering, intertwining with the haunting melodies gracefully.

“The song tells the story of breaking free of someone’s hold on you and not letting them control you. It was an important song to write about a time in my life when I felt like what I wasn’t good enough the way I was.”
Melissa Ramsay

Promises flows like a stream moving up in speed steadily and eventually cascading into a waterfall, showering you with empowering emotions. It’s electro-pop at its finest.