The Echoes Of Learn To Let Go By St Lundi Runs Deep

by Marcus Adetola

8th July, 2020

The echoes of Learn To Let Go by St Lundi runs deep. The sentimental lyrics burrow deep into your very core as Lundi’s highly emotive vocals meander on the delicate and sparse instrumentals propelling you along. This combination cascades into a swirling progressive sound that brings the hidden feelings within you to the surface.

Learn To Let Go captures the emotions and sentiments of such an experience vividly. St Lundi brings to life a simmering intensity that resonates both melodically and emotionally.

I feel like sometimes when falling in love it’s natural to want to spend every minute with one another. But there comes a point in time where you need to take a step back and remember the world still exists around you. It can make you feel like you’re moving in the wrong direction for a moment but you know deep down you need to ‘Learn To Let Go’ for the relationship to last.” – St Lundi

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