The After Film Series: A Captivating Saga or a Problematic Portrayal?

by Tara Price

23rd August, 2023

The After Film Series: A Captivating Saga or a Problematic Portrayal?

The After Film series, based on the novels by Anna Todd, has been a sensation in the cinematic world. The series follows the tumultuous relationship between Tessa and Hardin, two college students who fall in love despite their differences and challenges. The series has attracted a loyal fanbase, but also a lot of criticism. What makes the After series so appealing or controversial?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of this phenomenon.

The Appeal of the Story

One of the main reasons why the After series has appealed to many viewers is its depiction of young love, with all its intensity, passion, and drama. The series explores the themes of identity, loyalty, trust, and forgiveness as Tessa and Hardin struggle to overcome their personal issues and external obstacles. The series also offers a glimpse into modern college life, with its opportunities and pressures. Some viewers have related to the characters and their experiences, finding them realistic and engaging.

The Films

The After series consists of five films so far, with two more in development. The films are:

After (2019): The first film introduces Tessa and Hardin, who meet in college and start a complicated relationship. More about After (2019)

After We Collided (2020): The second film shows the aftermath of Tessa and Hardin’s breakup as they try to move on with their lives. Details

After We Fell (2021): The third film reveals new secrets and conflicts that threaten Tessa and Hardin’s relationship. Explore

After Ever Happy (2022): The fourth film follows Tessa and Hardin as they face new challenges and decisions about their future. Discover

After Everything (2023): The fifth film, set to release on September 13, 2023, promises more twists and turns as Hardin travels to Lisbon, Portugal, and his relationship with Tessa hangs in the balance.

The films have been praised for their faithful adaptation of the novels, their chemistry between the lead actors, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, and their production values.

The Criticism of the Series

However, not everyone has been impressed by the After series. The series has been widely panned by critics, who have given it low ratings on review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes.

Some of the common criticisms are:

  • The series is unoriginal and derivative, as it is based on fan fiction for One Direction and Harry Styles, which itself is inspired by other works such as Pride and Prejudice and Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • The series is poorly written and acted, with wooden dialogue, clichéd plot devices, and bland performances.
  • The series is problematic and harmful, as it glorifies a toxic and abusive relationship between Tessa and Hardin, who lie, cheat, manipulate, and hurt each other repeatedly. The series also portrays love as an obsession that overrides rationality, consent, and respect.

Some viewers have also expressed their disappointment with the series, finding it boring, unrealistic, or offensive.

Personal Reflection

Having watched the series, I can appreciate both its allure and its points of contention. While the narrative does captivate with its intensity, certain plot devices could benefit from more nuance. It’s essential to approach the series with an open mind, distinguishing between cinematic portrayal and real-world implications.

In Conclusion

The After film series is a divisive topic that has generated mixed reactions from audiences and critics alike. While some have enjoyed the series for its romantic-drama elements, others have disliked it for its quality or content issues. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that the After series has made an impact on the cinematic landscape.

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