Terrell Morris Reminds Us Of What We Have Been Missing With Renaissance (Live From The Rex)

by Lucy Lerner

15th May, 2021

To whet your appetite for the return of live music, Toronto-native Terrell Morris drops a stunning performance of Renaissance (Live From The Rex). Featuring captivating vocals from Adria Kain, the song drips emotion from every pore. Guitar acoustics provide a languid groove and harmonies cascade over Terrell’s smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Just settle down I’ll show up 
Don’t gimme no run around, run around 
That run around been so us 
And I know what you been about, still about I done been around it so much 
Cause now I’m falling face first, yeah 
Face down in your love 

The song and music video reminds us of what we have been missing the past year with live performances and how music can reach into our very souls. 

“Since we can’t have you out to see us, we brought some of the show to you.”

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