Teni Triumphs with Vibrant Anthem No Days Off (Music Video)

by Marcus Adetola

15th July, 2023

Teni Triumphs with Vibrant Anthem No Days Off (Music Video)

Sometimes, an artist just knows how to combine playful charisma, an infectious beat, and compelling storytelling into a tune that becomes your go-to bop. No Days Off by the effervescent Nigerian singer Teni is the anthem that graces the ears with both delight and depth.

Produced by Genio, the song presents a rich tapestry of sounds, a vibrant mix of afrobeat undertones, catchy hooks, and Teni’s powerhouse vocals. It’s a sonic journey that blends Teni’s roots, from Atlanta to Lagos, painting a picture of her success and dedication in the music industry. The production is stellar, creating an atmosphere that’s as lively and vivacious as Teni herself.


The lyrics are as multifaceted as the beat. Teni seamlessly switches between English and Yoruba, crafting an enticing narrative of resilience, loyalty, and celebration. She name-checks her ‘day ones’, offering an intimate look into her inner circle and her journey. She challenges detractors in one breath and asserts her fearless approach to life in the next, making it clear she is a woman who knows where she’s come from and where she’s going.

One of the standout moments in No Days Off is the chorus: “Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay o / I’ve been shooting hoops on the court with no days off / And you know I put my life on the line and it paid off / Just imagine if I didn’t leave Atlanta for Lagos / Tobi, Bunmi, Brenda, and Wale, that’s my day ones.” It’s a perfect representation of the song’s theme and Teni’s journey, creating a rallying cry that listeners can’t help but chant along with.

Complementing the song is a spirited music video, directed by the talented Clarence Peters. True to the song’s essence, the video is a carnival of colours and energy, capturing Teni’s playful spirit in a tangible, visual way. It offers a glimpse into Teni’s world, echoing the song’s vibrant life force and making the viewer want to join in on the fun.

In No Days Off, Teni has created an anthem for those who know the value of hard work, perseverance, and celebrating their achievements. You can’t help but sing along, dance, and maybe even take a moment to appreciate your own journey. After all, as Teni would tell you, there are no days off in the pursuit of your dreams. So why not make the journey a celebration worth singing about?

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