Techno Master NHOAH Impresses With New Album ‘West-Berlin’

by Trista Greeno

13th April, 2018

Berlin! Berlin! Berlin! Berlin-based techno master, NHOAH, released a sample track to hype up the anticipation with his new album ‘West-Berlin’ out today via R.O.T respectortolerate Records. NHOAH’s recently released track, ‘Der Goldene Ball,’ lives up to the techno-wizard title with a twinkling, cosmic intro followed up with a steady beat and soft vocals. This track has a very cyber-punk, Blade Runner feel to it. Upbeat and entrancing, NHOAH is off to a great start with the new album.

NHOAH is a talented producer, engineer and drummer who has been part of the underground electronic scene in Germany for the past four decades. His unique approach to production includes taking his studio on the road, producing wherever and whenever he gets inspired even if there are limited resources.  ‘West-Berlin’ is an album he “started from scratch”.

Another track worth mentioning is ‘Red Sky Blue Heart’ with a slightly weird but vibey intro and an amazing, slower beat compared to other tracks, which suddenly drops into a clean piano melody with vocals repeating “the sky is red, my heart is blue.” This is definitely a track to look forward to listening to as I’ve had it on repeat for quite a while now. One thing you will love with this album is how every track provides the listener with something different without straying far from the aesthetic that defines NHOAH’s musical art.

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