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ST3PH X Karl Williams’s New Single BABYLON

Thu Feb 27 2020

ST3PH X Karl Williams’s new single BABYLON is a socially conscious track that challenges the status quo present in society today. The duo fearlessly touches on the political and social paradigm in society without coming across overbearing. Most importantly ST3PH X Karl Williams’s creative approach on the new single makes it stand out even more….

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‘The Soul EP’ Marks A Strong Return for Starling

Fri Jul 06 2018

Picture a bubblegum-pink pop princess – but pulling the finger. London-based singer Starling returns from her hiatus with the release of her new EP where attitude amalgamates with sugary, candy pop to create something edgy, distinctive, and discernibly raw. Following the release of its single which pulls back on mainstream pop pretense to expose a…

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