Vsion Weaves A Delectable Tale In Friends Or Lovers

Sun Jun 21 2020

Vsion weaves a delectable tale in Friends or Lovers. The organ and horns seduce you from the onset, while the R&B influenced harmonies capture you. There is a hint of gospel music infused into the track adding to the pleasing aesthetics of the song. Friends or Lovers is about how true love makes you forget […]

Jordan Mackampa At The Crofters Rights, Bristol

Tue Oct 16 2018

A folk gig in Bristol usually follows a basic structure: the back room of an oak bar, off a graffitied side street, filled with dungaree clad whiskey youth nursing pints and swaying, occasionally dragging nonchalantly on a cigarette or leaning through the music to whisper enigmatically into studded ears. Jordan Mackampa’s mid-evening set at The […]

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