SYWA By Grey Oakes Is The Perfect Accompaniment To Summer

by Emma Reynolds

4th July, 2022

SYWA By Grey Oakes Is The Perfect Accompaniment To Summer

New summer hit SYWA from Grey Oakes is a beautiful, twinkly tune which experiments with different musical styles such as jazz and indie pop and joyful sounding instrumentals.

SYWA reminds you of beach days and is the perfect accompaniment to summer. It tells the story of a man who is reflecting on his heartbreak through the personification of song. Even though SYWA is emotional, it has the uplifting vibe of summer which is why it’s a must-have for your playlist this July!

Singer-songwriter Grey Oakes is a 24-year-old solo artist who grew up with inspirations such as John Mayer and played Guitar-Hero in his spare time. Talking about recent single SYWA he said, “I wrote, produced and perform this song. It was written during 2020-2021 and is a love/break up song singing to music personified as a person. During the pandemic, music was out of my life in a way I had never experienced. It felt as if I was missing my other half.”

Listen to SYWA out now.

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