Strawberry Wine Is A Potent Affair By Andrea Turk X Virgo Verse

by Lucy Lerner

7th January, 2021

Like its namesake, Strawberry Wine is a sweet, potent affair. One drop on your tongue sends you spinning in a haze of emotion. Andrea Turk and Virgo Verse collaborate beautifully on their new single; the rich melody combined with their bruised vocals and harmonies is intoxicating and leaves you craving your next taste.

19-year-old musician, singer-songwriter, producer and engineer Andrea Turk explains how her ideas were brought to life, “I feel like this is it for me. I finally got to create something that really was a reflection of me in terms of who I am and how my music sounds like in my head- and I couldn’t have done this without the help of Mary (aka Virgo Verse) and her brother Coleman. It really was a battle trying to find that inner voice of mine when there’s so many buzz, trends, and people out there telling me otherwise. It’s a stepping stone for me to embrace what my sound is, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear how my fourth album will be.”

This vengeance tastes like strawberry wine

LA-based singer-songwriter Virgo Verse comments, “I like the sense of togetherness in the song even though the lyrics are about longing for someone. Duets are so powerful in that way because they can easily capture dynamic emotions and the ebb and flow of relationships. Andrea had this idea for a guitar hook that drives the song with a bluesy sound, so I recorded layers of guitar strumming and fingerpicking to swing with the dreamy vocal harmonies. Producing with Andrea and Coleman means there is an endless source of inspiration. I’m so grateful we were able to make art together in the midst of everything this year.”

Strawberry Wine is about retribution against someone who broke their heart. The song luxuriates between dark and dreamy and the two artists managed to create their masterpiece during the pandemic, but if anything it served to release more passion and creativity toward this elegant song.

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