Still Here Is A Moving Pop Ballad From Dylan Dunlap

by Tommy Docherty

15th July, 2022

Still Here Is A Moving Pop Ballad From Dylan Dunlap

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap is back earlier than expected with a brand new single Still Here. In this dreamy pop ballad, Dunlap gets personal and details a meteor crash he witnessed last year that led to a panic attack on the 405 freeway. However, as well as this being an autobiographical cut that tells a very heartfelt story, it also doubles up as a thank you to all the people who are still with him and support him despite his mental health issues.

Dunlap writes in his own words that Still Here was written due to feeling “a very strong responsibility to document (his) experiences and help do the same for others”. It is also important to note how he “didn’t want to write any of it” but instead feeling he “needed to”. I think I speak for everyone who listens to this song that we are very glad he did choose to write it as it’s one of the most gorgeous, lusciously produced and fresh pieces of indie pop I’ve heard in a long time.

From the moment it starts we are treated to a soft blanket of tight yet delicately produced drums and piano chords that aim straight for the heart. Almost instantly, this 11-second instrumental intro gives us an idea of the laid-back and heartfelt vibe we’re in for. Shortly after, we are then hit with Dylan Dunlap’s vocals that manage to be striking yet soft at the same time, resulting in a breathtaking performance throughout the entire track. His high-pitched register is so engaging by itself, but due to the lyrical nature of the song, it elevates them to an almost magical level I can’t get enough of.

All these musical, vocal and lyrical elements come together in a chorus that leaves the listener speechless and is nothing short of beautiful.

A modern-day music fan rarely gets to hear a story this frightening and real told in such a moving way, and to sound so dazzling and elegant is a real achievement.

Still Here is out now.

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