Stick Around With Nirob Islam

by Marcus Adetola

8th April, 2020

Stick Around with Nirob Islam to satisfy your sweet melody cravings. Nirob can make any collection of words sound mellifluous, and he has done just that on his new song. It’s inspirational with positive lyrics and uplifting vocals.

“Stick Around… Good times just behind the corner…” 

Nirob Islam’s signature flow with R&B aesthetics and pop appeal shine through on Stick Around. He stays true to his precepts of being humble and big on family values. Neon Music had an interview with Nirob under the name of Shy Nodi in 2018, where he touches on the subject. His new music video for Stick Around portrays these thoughts. 

“Stick Around is my thoughts out in the open, something encouraging and uplifting for anyone who needs it, a celebration of both the ups and the downs you experience in life.” – Nirob Islam

Put Stick Around on repeat and let Nirob’s beautiful vocals, guitar inflected beat, and feel-good lyrics elevate you. Stick Around – good times are coming.

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