Stephanie Babirak Explores Love and Loss With Berry Quartz

by neonmusic

8th May, 2024

Stephanie Babirak Explores Love and Loss With Berry Quartz

Stephanie Babirak, a harpist and singer-songwriter based in New York City, released her newest single titled Berry Quartz on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Stephanie Babirak Berry Quartz single cover
Stephanie Babirak Berry Quartz single cover

Babirak has established a significant place for herself within the music scene and is renowned for her style of playing the harp and her knack for creating music that deeply connects with audiences.

In Berry Quartz, Stephanie Babirak delves into the timeless theme of love and loss, weaving together a song that strikes a chord due to its nature and universal appeal.

The lyrics vividly portray how memories of a loved one can linger, often resurfacing at unexpected moments.

Babirak describes it as a reflection on missing someone and being haunted by their memory—at times envisioning them in the dead of night or hearing their voice when no one is present to listen as you speak to that memory.

Musically, Berry Quartz presents Babirak’s sound by combining the strumming of the guitar and the ethereal tones of the harp with layered synths and atmospheric strings. 

The result is a musical landscape that beautifully complements Babirak’s heartfelt vocals.

Working alongside friends Peter Scoma and Cody Geil, Babirak has co-created a song that captures both a sense of closeness and expansiveness.

The trio’s shared love for crafting music shines brightly in every aspect of the song, from the written lyrics to the nuanced performances.

Babirak’s musical journey has been defined by accomplishments. Recognised for her talent by the Huffington Post, she has shared the stage with artists such as Adele, Phoebe Bridgers, and Sandra Day.

Her music has been featured in projects that include a Super Bowl commercial and the TV series Mr. Robot

Babirak has also toured extensively, performing at venues such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, as well as at international events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Throughout her career, Babirak has stayed true to her mission of making harp music accessible and appealing to diverse audiences.

With Berry Quartz, she continues to innovate and blend influences while preserving her sound.

For those who are unfamiliar with Stephanie Babirak‘s music, Berry Quartz serves as an introduction to her artistry. 

With its message, beautiful tunes, and emotional performance, the song is bound to strike a chord with audiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who listen and showcasing Babirak’s talents as both a songwriter and musician.

Listen to Berry Quartz here:

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