Kiss goodbye to any bad vibes and embrace the dreamy and emotive singing sensation that has burst onto the electronic pop scene. This restful release is as uplifting as it is charmingly soulful and addictive, from the bouncy bassline and choppy beats in the chorus to Blakey’s silky soft voice, with a tone reminiscent of Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

A mellifluous piano serves as a conduit between the melancholic past and a more upbeat future. The energy builds so gracefully with regards to this beautifully calming instrument and is used effectively alongside a twinkling, echoing sound effect, which further induces the dreamy atmosphere and keeps the track fresh.

The melody is mood-lifting and the lyrics are hopeful but have solemn meaning about gradually overcoming the loss of love and striving to begin anew, despite a longing for the past. The line, “feelings that I’d die to cling to, I feel them fade with the sun” echoes the hopeless romantic feeling and the inevitability of time. This sincere song tugs on heartstrings and could make one nostalgic but also inspired to look to the future.

Don’t let this one slip under your radar. This is electronic music that will blow your socks off and leave them drenched in sweaty happiness.

Stream ‘Future Skies’ here.