Sophie Faith x Midnight Phunk: A Unique Collaboration With ‘Say So’

by Natasha Moore

23th January, 2018

A new hybrid of Soul has been found in Sophie Faith. Her smokey sultry tones are punctuated by what may be deemed as an unpredictable dynamic rhythm in her latest single ‘Say So’ produced by Midnight Phunk. The collaboration makes for easy listening and repetitive replay button pressing.

If you want a track to relax to after the stresses of life all get a little bit too much then this is the one for you. A breathiness in the singer’s vocals emphasises the chilled nature of the track. Not to be confused with a song that may get you counting sheep, it’s the almost syncopated effects of the melody and backing track which maintain engagement from start till finish (and then start and finish and then start and f…..). Rare is it to find a voice so rich and marry it with a production so layered and adventurous with its instrumental choices. Traditional methods of music making seem abandoned at the studio door with this song and quite possibly for the best.

I’m sure ‘Say So’ deserves a place at the top of all of our Sunday chill lists if not the entire weeks. Sophie Faith and Midnight Phunk – in collaboration or individually, are artists of the craft to watch out for in the future.

Sophie’s debut EP will be released this year.

You can stream ‘Say So‘.

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