Sophie Doyle Ryder Lives In The Moment In Hunni Hunni

by neonmusic

4th October, 2021

Sophie Doyle Ryder Lives In The Moment In Hunni Hunni

In her new single Hunni Hunni, rising Irish pop artist Sophie Doyle Ryder makes a life decision to start living in the moment with lyrics such as, “I just want to live foreva, party til I can’t remember.”

It is not easy to put yourself first and come to the realisation you’re only living your life for yourself. For 19-year-old Ryder, it clicked early on. Already generating over 13 million Irish radio impacts, the songstress proved her talent with tracks like Mood, Too Much, and Enough.

Last year’s releases saw Ryder looking for a way out, and Hunni Hunni opens the new door with a debut EP written all over it. This upcoming project titled Beginner’s Luck tells Ryder’s tale of Summer 2021. If it’s anything like Hunni Hunni, we’re in for a fun ride, with no holding back and new personal discoveries.

Hunni Hunni sees Ryder take on a new approach where she would rather write about herself than others. Encouraging people to start celebrating life, Ryder unleashes her bubbly persona at the same time. She leaves her past behind utilising her talent for authentic songwriting, hoping to create a sense of relatability.

“It feels like the perfect time to release this EP,” Ryder announces. On Hunni Hunni, she introduces a fresh take on her as an artist, and we’re here for it.

You can see Sophie Doyle Ryder perform at Whelan’s, Dublin, on October 30.

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