Songbird By Nathaniel Paul Is A Thought-Provoking Song

by Lucy Lerner

10th January, 2021

Songbird by Nathaniel Paul is an easy song to sink in to. On the surface it is sunny and carefree, the visuals portraying a group of friends on a road trip, enjoying life and a summer’s day. However, the song is much more thought-provoking and darker than that.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Nathaniel Paul met an elderly man in a store during last year’s quarantine, and they had a conversation which resonated with him. The man said, “Life is hard when you outlive all the ones you love.” and Nathaniel got the impression he was thinking of his demise and how he felt neglected by the world but he was planning on travelling around the world by train once he was able to. 

Nathaniel Paul says, “‘songbird’ was a direct inspiration from that moment. This idea of life after all that you love and care for is gone. His story resonated with me in the way that I feel from COVID taking away so many small businesses – so many dreams from all of us.” 

There is something very special about songbird. Nathaniel’s gentle vocals float over nostalgic acoustics; the melody a sweet caress. Despite themes of life after loss, it does make you see things in a different light. I think that elderly man would be proud.  

Songbird is the first single from Nathaniel Paul’s debut album set for release this Spring.

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