Something Sweet From Colson With ‘Gummy Bears’

by Jessica Rhule

19th November, 2018

Listen to pop up and comer Colson hailing all the way from LA and her newly released track ‘Gummy Bears’. The track is a fun-filled pop production with modern RnB elements accompanied by the songstress’s vocals. The hook is also catchy which is bound to get you singing along and moving to in a club.

Colson says about the meaning behind the track, “I wrote ‘Gummy Bears’ from a very real experience. I was at a point in a relationship where the person was trying to impress me when I really didn’t want anything but to spend time together.

A combination of a good voice and a talent in songwriting will get Colson far and lead her to much success. So if ‘Gummy Bears ‘ is anything to go by we are in store for some more great music from the singer. Be sure to be on the lookout.

“Want something sweet, I’m not looking for a little,
You and me living somewhere in the middle,
You on heat, then boy you better pull the trigger,
Something sweet and bitter eating gummy bears for dinner.”

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