Some People By Jamison Is A Country-Infused Ode To Love Lost

by Marcus Adetola

3rd February, 2024

Some People by Jamison is A Country-Infused Ode To Love Lost

Jamison, a Nashville, TN-based pop artist and singer-songwriter, brings us Some People. It’s where country twangs meet the raw honesty of a love story that’s run its course. An acoustic guitar’s gentle strumming supports the song’s opening vocals, which tug at your soul. As the story unfolds, the music blossoms with the soulful wails of a slide guitar and the unexpected, yet perfectly placed, whispers of a trumpet.

The song’s narrative is a poignant reflection on personal growth amidst the ruins of a shared past. It’s about facing the music, quite literally, while acknowledging missteps and the moments of getting it right, all while holding onto hope of lasting love.

The lyrics of Some People are relatable and unpretentious. They explore the difficulty of letting go, the mixed bag of doing right and wrong by someone, and the tough pill to swallow that sometimes, despite best efforts, things just don’t pan out.

Jamison Some People song cover
Jamison Some People song cover

The confession-like, soul-baring lyrics add layers to the song’s emotional depth and become haunting, encapsulating the heartache of love lost to the merciless ticking of the clock.

So, if you’re in the mood for a song that feels like a heart-to-heart, Jamison’s Some People is worth listening to.

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