SOLITUDE Is A Hypnotic Single From Anna Stucky

by Lucy Lerner

28th July, 2022

SOLITUDE Is A Hypnotic Single From Anna Stucky

“All my life I’ve been longing for a place called home.”

SOLITUDE is a hypnotic single from Anna Stucky – a prelude to her debut EP FLOWERS. Rich, caramel vocals carry expressive lyrics and a deep ocean of emotion that creates an almost heady, otherworldly feeling. Intensely cinematic and atmospheric, SOLITUDE has an Americana-inflected sound with velvety, layered instruments that swell and ebb.

Stucky is a singer-songwriter from Heidelberg/Germany. She describes her new song exclusively to Neon Music. “‘SOLITUDE’ is about being trapped in the norms of society and describes the feeling of wanderlust and the search for homeland.”

Anna Stucky will be releasing her debut EP FLOWERS on 5th August.

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