Soaky Siren Stuns With Sultry And Vibrant New Single,Terracotta

by Marcus Adetola

19th July, 2023

Soaky Siren Stuns With Sultry And Vibrant New Single,Terracotta

Bahamian siren Soaky Siren has released another tropical-infused track that plays like a vibrant sunset over azure shores. Aptly titled Terracotta, this bold celebration of love and lust proves once again that the singer-songwriter knows how to paint pictures with her lyrics while keeping us moving to an infectious rhythm.

With its bright palette of beats and melodies, Terracotta opens the door to a lush sonic hacienda, drenched in late-night memories and passion. With Grecco Burratto on the guitar and Sermstyle crafting the danceable beats, the tropical atmosphere is felt as palpably as a balmy breeze.

The first verse sees Siren musing over “hacienda” and “late nights you still remember,” setting an intimate stage that’s as nostalgic as it is present. “Burnt oranges and bittersweet,” she croons, hinting at the evocative blend of emotions and colours that love stirs.

It’s this playful sensuality that gives Terracotta its unforgettable allure. Siren takes us on a journey from the hacienda to the “boatload” of love she’s willing to offer. Yet, it’s in the pre-chorus where she truly shines, boasting a “right tightness so it’s fit for a king.” The cheeky confidence here is as catchy as the chorus that follows.

And what a chorus it is. Siren sings, “He like that colour on my lips, terra cotta (yea)/He said whoa, I got too much drip water water (yea),” blending colour and texture to create an irresistible visual that’s equal parts sensual and playful. The repetitive “colour, colour, colour, colour, ooh” echoes the song’s themes of passion and allure, ultimately leaving listeners hooked and craving more.

Soaky Siren’s Terracotta is a feast for the senses, from the warm guitar riffs and buoyant beats to the sun-soaked, playful lyrics. The combination of these elements ensures that Terracotta doesn’t just play – it bounces and dances. It’s a spirited celebration of life and love in the most vivid hues.

Much like the earthy red clay it’s named after, Terracotta is a grounded yet fiery offering from Soaky Siren. And as summer heats up, this is exactly the kind of sultry, vibrant anthem we need.

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