Smoke One To The Flavourful HIPPY TRAPS Song NUGGYS

Smoke One to HIPPY TRAP’S flavourful song NUGGYS. I’m talking about appreciating the track, not weed or whatever name you choose to call it. (Again for argument sake, to maintain clarity, I mean the song NUGGYS?). HIPPY TRAP has packed the track full with flavourful elements. The instrumentals on NUGGYS are so wavy and the guys take full advantage dropping catchy hooks and inventive lyrics. The duo are fluid with the delivery and it will resonate with hip-hop lovers.

You’re the CBD to my THC
Relations with the boo that’s the vis-a-vis
Swimming out in Fiji off the GDP
You can mind your Ps and Qs I’ll mind my fuckin’ Qs and Ps

The track burns at the right pace sending you up in a haze to fully appreciate the craftsmanship on the track. It will get you hooked on it in no time. (Again, I am referring to the song). As both of the members of HIPPY TRAP have benefited from the cultivation of weed, I can see why they would dedicate a song to it. I can also see why a non-smoker will roll-up and smoke one to this. For me, I’m full appreciating every line on the track.