Skott’s My Name Is A Glorious Track That Celebrates The Power Of You

by Grace Lovejoy

26th June, 2020

Photo by Peter St James

My Name is a beautiful and utterly intoxicating track. It’s the focus single from the highly anticipated debut album Always Live for Always by multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer, Skott.

You become instantly consumed by the opening of this song, which stars Skott’s unique and angelic voice, which is combined with a delicate piano melody. Skott’s vocals soon become layered, giving an echoing effect, creating all the more enchantment.

The whole feel to the beginning of this song exudes a sense of delicacy, calmness, and serenity. This feeling does not last for long, however as the track continues to build and becomes further intensified by each new piece of instrumentation that is added to the mix. With the addition of more powerful vocals, an appearance from a trumpet, and a fast-paced percussion beat, we soon realise this track is a cool and catchy power anthem, with Skott gracefully leading us the way.

Skott speaks about the meaning behind the track “This song celebrates the power of your own name turning it almost into an enchantment. The lyrics revolve around a broken relationship from the past, and now this name’s out there haunting the person who can’t escape the memories or hurt they might have caused. It is a twisted break up anthem – empowering but with a darker side to it.

My Name is a thought-provoking song that will be sure to have you singing your heart out.

Skott’s debut album Always Live for Alway is out now via Dollar Menu/Cosmos Music.

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