Sink Into The Pillowy Sound Of We Can Pretend By Annie Elise

by Lucy Lerner

8th July, 2021

Sink into the pillowy sound of We Can Pretend by talented 20-year-old electronic artist and producer Annie Elise. The song features a colourful palette of synths and electronic bubbles of bliss. It’s quite a short song but it makes such an impact. Annie Elise is inspired by her synesthesia and her keen ear for electronic-based music stems from the neurological condition.

Annie Elise described her new single to Neon Music, “We Can Pretend” is a song about the space between dreams and reality. We initially wrote it to be about a false awakening, you know, when you wake up in your dream but you’re still asleep – but the song turned into so much more than that. It’s interesting to explore the concept of wishing you could get away from reality, especially during the past year. I think it’s something we all wish for at some point in time, and although we know it’s something we know we can never get, it is nice to pretend for a little bit. I think there’s great comfort in that.”

We Can Pretend was produced by Annie Elise and Josiah Soren, mixed by Craig Reeves (VIP Soundcircle), and mastered by Piper Payne (Infrasonic Mastering).

We look forward to more exciting musical offerings from Annie Elise.

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